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OpsCenter Report based on Retention Level


So I got this 5 pictures.Basicaly I want to create a report with no time bassis on retention level.

I want it to show me  Client Name, Policy name,  Job protected size, Retention Level, Retention Period of the jobs only wiht a retention of >45 days.

Simple right? see how I got retention level setted up in host properties(the interval, see picture 1) and add condition in the report.


If the retention level is low than 45 days which in term of Opscenter mean Retention Level = interval(0,3) in my case (picture 1 + picture 2) with some simple columns like in picture 3 but I got no results.

If I remove the condition Retention Level, and add  time bassis like: 45 day before(picture 4+picture 5), I got data, but if I want to add Retention Level condition and play with it I get nothig, why? what i`ve done wrong?

Any info you need to figure this out?

And what the heck mens retention level -1, No retention? :))) expired? or can I set up a schedule without retention period?



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Hi, Try this SQL



Try this SQL Query.


domain_image.policyname as "Policy Name",
domain_image.sizeOfImageInKBytes as "Protected Size",
domain_imagecopy.retentionLevel as "Retention Level",
nb_retentionLevel.Label as "Unit",
domain_jobimage.clientName as "Client Name"
domain_image, domain_jobimage, domain_imagecopy, nb_retentionLevel

Re: Hi,Try this SQL

Yes, it is ok to me!