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OpsCenter 8.1.1 Top 7 Job Error Log Summary

I'm looking for a report that shows Top 7 Job Error Log Summary.  This information already appears under Monitor in OpsCenter but wanted to see if anyone had a custom report showing the same information?  Thanks.

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Re: OpsCenter 8.1.1 Top 7 Job Error Log Summary

 When you create the tabular report, specify the time frame you want (most likely previous 1 day) and for the filter use
Job -> Status Code -> != 0

Click 'Next'

Select 'Status Code' and 'Job Type' then click 'Add'.
For Job Type, under Column Alias, name it 'Number of Jobs'
For Job Type, under Sort Order, specify 'Descending'
For Job Type, under Operation, specify 'Count'

This would give you the Job Error Log Summary for all failures, not just the top 7.

If you wanted just the top 7, you could generate this into an SQL query and at the beginning of the SQL query, change the SELECT # statment to SELECT 7.