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OpsCenter ALERT - if you are running earlier version of NetBackup Master!

We were told that OpsCenter 7.0 works with NetBackup Master Server 6.5.4, and this is the note from the OpsCenter Admin Guide page 82 showing how it is done:

Note: NetBackup 7.0 master server does not require any Agent for data collection. The data is collected automatically by the OpsCenter server from an NBU 7.0 master server using NBSL. However for a master server whose version is less than 7.0, an Agent must be installed to collect specific data (image, error log, and scheduled jobs data) .

I followed the instructions for installing OpsCenter Agent on my master server (at 6.5.4) – it updates the pbx component of NetBackup

Since installing OpsCenter I cannot scan for Drives using the Java Admin Console. So I opened a ticket with Symantec.

Today working with Symantec support, we uninstalled the OpsCenter Agent from my master server – Which REMOVED pbx !(This effectively shut down ALL netbackup processes) 

I requested the tech support to:
  1. Have engineering review requirement to update pbx when installing OpsCenter Agent
  2. Have engineering review requirement to remove pbx when uninstalling OpsCenter Agent
  3. Ensure tech support is aware of any impact of removing OpsCenter from Master

It was only by great good fortune that nothing was impacted and I was able to reinstall pbx and stop and restart NetBackup

Be warned!
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update - Drive scanning issue

update -

Drive scanning issue seems to be a false alert - however, be aware of the pbx issues with installing and removing OpsCenter Agent!

Configure you agent on the OpsCenter machine

We are running our agent on the OpsCenter server, (by installing the Remote Admin console, and defining it as a SERVER in the bp.conf)