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OpsCenter Analytics Custom Reporting

Hi all, good day!

Just want to ask for more information about OpsCenter Analytics.

Here is the Scenario:

1. We have NetBackup 8.1 which has a Backup Data for our Email for the last October. 

2. We have OpsCenter 8.1 for the long run and we added the license for OpsCenter Analytics yesterday.

It is possible to view our data for the last 2 months? 

Hoping for a feedback.

Thank you and best regards!


2 Replies

Re: OpsCenter Analytics Custom Reporting

What 'retention' was your data purge set to? 

Re: OpsCenter Analytics Custom Reporting

There won't be any job data older than 60 days from the days of your old "plain" OpsCenter install.  OpsCenter Server will have been auto-purging at 60 days.  Sorry, but it just won't be there.  Smiley Sad