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OpsCenter Daily Success Rate Report

Level 2

Hi All, Finally i have got OpsCenter 7.5 installed on Solaris box and could see lots of reports are available, However my requirenment is report should be email to me in this format-----


Master Server Name------

Total Client Backed-up --

Total Client failed--

Success rate---


It should be reported at Client level not on Job level.




Level 6

As far as the Total Client Failed field goes... Do you want results for any clients that have had a failed backup, or only ones that have not had a good backup?

If the latter, does it matter if it is a full or not? (Kinda would depend on your full/inc schedule compaired to your reporting timeframe I would imaging.)

Here is the query for the results showing any clients with failed backups....


SELECT DISTINCT ms.networkName AS 'Master Server'
        , (SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT clientName) FROM domain_Job j WHERE DATEDIFF(day, UtcBigIntToNomTime(j.endTime), GETDATE()) <= 7) AS 'Total Client Backed-up'
        , (SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT clientName) FROM domain_Job j WHERE DATEDIFF(day, UtcBigIntToNomTime(j.endTime), GETDATE()) <= 7 AND j.statusCode <> 0) AS 'Total Client failed'
        --, CONVERT(DECIMAL(10,2),([Total Client failed] / [Total Client Backed-up]))  AS 'Success rate'
    FROM domain_Job dj
INNER JOIN domain_image di
ON = di.jobId
INNER JOIN domain_ImageCopy ic
ON = ic.imageId
INNER JOIN domain_MasterServer ms
ON = dj.masterServerId

Level 2

Hi, Thanks for your response.


My query is on getting Daily Backup Success rate on email, Currently i have scripts in place which runs and provide last 24 hrs information in this format-

Total Client-

Total Client Successful

Total Client Failed-

Success Rate-


List of clients which failed


Not Sure if OpsCenter has same type of reports.



Level 3

There's absolutely a report you can customize to do something similar.  Learning how to customized the canned reports, and even create your own customized reports in OpsCenter will open up a whole world of possibilities as to what you can do with it.


After logging in, click on the Reports button, this should take you to the Report Templates tab.

For report template descriptions, refer to the OpsCenter Reporting Guide:

Click on Create New Report, and select a report creation option, using an existing report that is similar to the one you want, or create a custom report.  You can also use SQL Query if you know how to write SQL queries, but so far I've not needed to do this.

For your specific needs, you may want to try the "Status & Success Rate > Status > Failed Job Count" template. You should be able to modify it to report on a per client basis, and in a "Table" format. If that one doesn't work for you try some of the other templates and don't be afraid to play around with making your own customized reports.