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OpsCenter Problem

I am testing OpsCenter with server/agent on SPARC Solaris 10, monitoring a AIX 5.3 NBU 6.5.4 Master server.  We had issues getting it to talk successfully to the master server using <hostname> but it works great using <ip address> and the Display Name can be easily set to <hostname>.

The problem is I cannot get rid of the <hostname> entry.  I delete it, it comes back.  I shut OpsCenter completely down and when I restart it the <hostname> entry is back.  How do I get rid of it?
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is there an entry in the

is there an entry in the bp.conf as the hostname?

bp.conf on the OpsCenter

bp.conf on the OpsCenter server?  Yes there is a SERVER = <hostname> entry.  I will comment it out and restart everything and see if that works.  Thanks for the feedback.