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OpsCenter Report Differences

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Can somebody please explain to me the difference between the "Clients Not Backed Up" and "Client Risk Analysis" reports in OpsCenter Analytics? I am running both reports and I have both setup to report on the past 14 days. The results of the reports are very different from one another but both are supposed to essentially show what hasn't been backed up over the last 14 days. I've read the descriptions given of both reports in the NetBackup 7.6 OpsCenter Reporting guide but it didn't seem to help make things any clearer.

I was expecting that a client which hasn't been backed up in the last 14 days would show up on both reports but it seems clients typically show up on only one of the two reports with just a handful of exceptions.

Ideally I would like to have only one report for this information instead of two but it seems like maybe I need both for some reason?



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When you run a report you can click on the bottom of the page (if I recall) correctly and it will show you the query it used (unless its a stored procedure). Compare the two or post them here and I'll check.

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The descriptions list each as follows:

Client Risk Analysis -  User-configurable exception report showing all client/policy combinations whose last successful backup occurred x many hours/days back

Clients Not Backed Up - Lists all the clients not backed up within given time frame.

Additional Information on Each... 

Client Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis provides reports on the NetBackup Clients at risk for being un-protected or under-protected based on their Recovery Point Objectives (RPO's).

The Client Risk Analysis report identifies the backup clients that have gone without a successful backup for a specified period of time and hence are at risk from a restore standpoint or recoverability standpoint. The "specified period of time" is user- defined along with several other variables for filtering purposes. The report is interpreted as all client or policy combinations that have gone x hours, days, weeks, or months without a successful backup.

The level of granularity is at a client level or policy level and exposes the clients that have multiple backup policies where one of them may repeatedly fail. The primary use case is to show that all clients have been backed up as of the last x hours and all clients have a full backup not more than x days ago. The report also has an "Is Active" filter to include only those that are currently active as well as the capability to count partial successes as success and vice versa.

Clients Not Backed Up

This report provides a list of NetBackup clients that have not been backed up or clients for which all backups failed during the reporting period.

You can determine if all jobs of a policy and client combination have failed or have not been initiated during the reporting period. You can filter by type of policy like SharePoint, Oracle, Windows NT and so on.

The client name is displayed multiple times in the report if the client has multiple NetBackup policies that are associated with it and none of the policies are run during the reporting period. The report shows details like policy name, schedule name, and date of the last successful backup.

You can now view data in this report for a specific client view by selecting a client view from the View filter. Earlier you could only filter the report data for a master server view.


Hopefully, this provides enough detail to explain the 2 reports.