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OpsCenter Report for Actual Directories Backed Up

Hi all,


I'm trying to find a way to report on the file systems backed up by policy, then client as a way of ensuring all the file systems we need backed up actually are.  I don't want to see the individual files in the report, just which file systems so that we can run a comparison against the client exclude lists.

So far I haven't had much luck with any of the report templates or custom reports.  I would think that I could write something using an SQL query but haven't been able to locate the proper tables to query against.  

Has anybody tried this or have any ideas?



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wmulhair, Try to make a


Try to make a custom / tabular report.

You will want to include the basics....

Clientname, Start Time, Endtime, etc...

But the one field you will want to include is the "Job Directory" field.

This will include the File List shown in the Job Summary from NetBackup.

Let me know if this helps, or if you need something additional.

Thank you,




Thanks Tom, but Job Directory

Thanks Tom, but Job Directory only shows the root file system that the policy uses which is usually /.

I'm looking for a way to report if all the necessary file systems actually get backed up.  For example on a Unix system:








wmulhair,   Unfortunately,



Unfortunately, this is not reported on / collected.... 

A workaround, would be to 'Allow Multiple DataStreams' on the policy... to capture this...

However it will create a seperate job for each volume...