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OpsCenter Reporting Issue

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Noticed in 7.5 that OpsCenter reports have multiple entries for each client for backup reporting. Glad to see in that client names are no longer showing at IPs, but this issue is still on-going. Is this something Symantec is working on in the future? I noticed this happening at my old company and my new company's Netbackup environment. Annoying to see on a failure report 5 or so entries for 1 client. Attached is a screenshot from one of my reports.


Netbackup Version/OS's



Master - Win 2k8 R2

Media - Win 2k8 R2

OpsCenter server - Win 2k8 R8


Level 6

I am not so certain that is a bug. It sounds more like design. Each client can be a member of multiple policies and each schedule can start multiple streams. OpsCenter gathers data at the job level thus multiple entries. Are you having issues with roll up reports?

BTB I did not see a screen shot.

Level 3

Sorry forgot to click attach when I browsed for the file. After searching the forums for a bit I found others had the same issue and made custom reports which worked for them. I did this as well. Reason I bring this up, is in the past the tabular reports didn't act like this in the past versions. Forgot when it changed but I believe it was sometime in 7.5.

Level 3

I am also seeing the same thing.  I have only one client in the policy and it is reporting duplicate entries.  I am using OpsCenter  I currently have a case open for this:

Case # 03761219 - Duplicate Entries on Report

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I have not seen this issue in yet, but this was an issue in a previous release.

The fact the screenshot shows the same policy / client / job end / and file count, would appear to be a defect.

However, there are certain conditions that could cause this depending on whether this is a custom report, and which additional fields are selected beyond those of the screenshot.

I would suggest opening a case on this one... 

They will likely need a copy of your database, and the name / location of the report you are running.

If this can be reviewed and reproduced in a lab, then the case should be escalated to engineering.




Level 3

I have opened up a case: Case # 03761219 - Duplicate Entries on Report and have sent my DB to support. The engineer that is assigned will not be able to do anything until 3/26. Once I get a resolution I will let you know

Level 6

I had opened a ticket for a similar issue with the Job Browser/Tabular Backup report some time ago, and it is still present in 

If you have "Allow multiple data streams" enabled, and especially if you have more than one stream defined in a Backup Selection List, you can see duplicate entries for a backup in some reports.  The duplicate lines will show the same job #, same job size, same file count, etc., but if you look at the Job Directory column in the Tabular Backup report, you can see that different directories/streams were backed up.  No matter how you slice it, the data is wrong.  And if this one is wrong, what other reports are also wrong?  (I alreayd know of a few more that I can no longer use beccause I have researched these things and compared data between NBU and OpsCenter, and OpsCenter is just plain wrong.)

Level 3
I was only using Job Browser/Tabular Backup reports. This OpsCenter was a fresh install and the issue was with all jobs, even those WITHOUT "Allow multiple data streams". I noticed this issue occurred at my old company after a update release (don't recall exactly when). Because before that update, the reports showed fine. I have set up custom reports that work fine, but annoying to have to not use the easily preset Tabular reports.