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OpsCenter Restore Report Issue

Our internal audit department has a report that it runs on a quarterly basis for restore history.  On database restores the file count is always consistanly zero, but there are bytes restore reported.  Also we are seeing intermittant instances on non-database restores where the same situation is happening.


Environment 7.0.1

Windows 2008R2 Standard 64bit

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I see that in OpsCenter 7.0.1, as well

I, too, see a number of restore jobs from Feb. this year that show 0 files, but show a number of kilobytes in the next column indicating something was restored. 

Based on the other restore jobs from the same time frame, I'm pretty confident those jobs were unsuccessful restores that were either cancelled after being started (status 150), or they required a tape that was offsite and we ended up denying that mount request (can't remember the status code for this) when the user said they didn't need the restore.

Unfortunately, I don't see an option in that report to specify the job status codes to report on, or to at least report on only successful restores.  If you want to filter those out, you might be able to create a custom report on restores and filter out any jobs that got a status 150.