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OpsCenter Trap Recipient Entry Disapears from Alert Policies

Level 6

Hi Everyone,

            We have an issue with a customer that intermitently the OC Policies stop sending alerts because the SNMP Server dissapears from the Trap Recipient field under the policy, this usually happens for all the policies of a specific Master Server but moves around different domains and masters is never constant we developed a custom script that basically follows the relationship between the am_AlertPolicy and nm_LeafTrapRecipients, this is a many to many relationship because there are 3 tables in between (am_Action, am_ActionRecipientList and nm_Recipients) in some point and for an unknown reason the relationship brakes, we know this because we daily run the following script who presents us a report of the Alert Policies with their corresponding Trap Recipient server:

SELECT "DBA"."am_AlertPolicy"."id",
FROM "DBA"."am_AlertPolicy"
LEFT JOIN "DBA"."am_Action" ON "DBA"."am_AlertPolicy"."id" = "DBA"."am_Action"."alertPolicyId"
LEFT JOIN "DBA"."am_ActionRecipientList" ON "DBA"."am_Action"."id" = "DBA"."am_ActionRecipientList"."amActionId"
LEFT JOIN "DBA"."nm_Recipients" ON "DBA"."am_ActionRecipientList"."amRecipientId" = "DBA"."nm_Recipients"."ID"
LEFT JOIN "DBA"."nm_LeafTrapRecipients" ON "DBA"."nm_Recipients"."ID" = "DBA"."nm_LeafTrapRecipients"."ID"
ORDER BY "DBA"."nm_LeafTrapRecipients"."HostName"

We havent see another case like this with any other customer and the forum also doesnt show something similar, case is been escalated to engineering but we havent been able to catch the logs when the event happens because OpsCenter doesnt log this type of events, only left to turn on the DB logging but is quite verbose, is any one seeing this too?

OC Version is, Master Server go from 6.5.6 to


Appreciate any help you can provide.