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OpsCenter can't find Master Server after OpsCenter upgrade

Level 6

This is a weird problem. We needed to upgrade everything when the vulnerabiliy email came out. I was running on everything. We decided to update OpsCenter to as a stepping stone to 7.7. This is monitoring 5 netbackup environments, 2 running Windows 2008 and 3 running Windows 2003. During the upgrades to OpsCenter, I noticed that the connection to one of the 2008 servers was down and figured we would troubleshoot it when upgrades were complete. It was connected before the upgrade.

We have tried to disable and enable data collection, rebooting the OpsCenter and Master Server. I get the same thing. It says "The specified NetBackup Master Server could not be found. Make sure you have entered the correct server name, the server is reachable and the NetBackup services are running." They are.

The wierd thing that I found is if you click on that particular MS and click the edit button, the edit screen asks for the server name (greyed out) Display Name, NetBackup User Name and NetBackup Password. I don't remember there being a user name and password when this was set up. In the User Name is the work "null." I checked the other servers that are still connected and there is no "null" in the User Name field. Can anyone tell me what is meant by User Name and Password or has anyone seen this before?


Level 6

Double check the OpsCenter documentation.  I believe that starting with 7.6 a userid/password is required for OpsCenter to connect to the Master.


Level 6

We thoughr that as well, but I have 4 other Master Servers that still connect and they all were added long before a User Name and Password were required.