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OpsCenter change report default output name

Level 4
Partner Accredited

We need to use OpsCenter email report tool to open incidents at Remedy (BMC Remedy7603 , ITSM Suite v.7603). The Remedy admins are asking for the same attached report name every time the report runs




Although OpsCenter exports every time a different name, with a reference to the date and the hour that the scheduler has run.


ex. OpsCenter_PREVIOUS_DAY_FAILED_BACKUPS_20_06_2014_11_16_AM.PDF




Is there a possibility to change the default output structure of name for the reports?


Level 6

I don't think OpsCenter can do that for you, the date is there for uniqueness purpose and is very important to customer, not to mention it prevent overwriting and provide exact date/time of report generation.

For your scenario, I will have the Remedy admin creating a script that everytime they see the report generated, copy it to their own location and rename it for email processing.