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OpsCenter does not export all data from a report

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I have been running data that shows (on the screen) a month's worth of tabular data.  However, when I try to export it (or e-mail, makes no difference) it only gives me 3 days worth.  Any ideas on how to get it to export ALL the data from the report to a CSV file? It shouldn't be this difficult...



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sounds like a compiling issue and unusual behavior - I would contact Symantec on this one

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Hi Grumpy,

have you got any solution from symantec for this issue? i have also got the same issue where iam running opscenter analytics 7.1 on WIN2K platform.

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I just ran the Job Browser report for the past 7 days and I seemed to get all data from 4/11 back to 4/3, so this one seems okay.

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I am seeing the same issue.  Is there a fix or config change to make it work?


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If exporting check the amount of lines the report says it is to how many you get - there's a 4000 limit which you need to change.

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But now I find I have the same problem with

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Is it true for all reports or some particular report?

If you share more details I can try to help.

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We just upgraded to recently and we also only see about 4,000 lines of ourput before it stops, and that's about 3 days of data for this particular report. On-screen shows all 30 days, though.  I'll look for this 4,000 line limit redchick mentioned.

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Could not find it using Symantec search, but once again, Google did a better job:


Essentially, this is done on purpose to prevent performance problems.  To change it, we have to edit "report.conf" on the OpsCenter server.  We still have to guess how many lines to set it.  If I get 3 days worth in about 4,000, then 30 days would require about 40,000 lines.  I'll set it to 50,000, just to be sure to get everything, and I'll test the report for "performance" issues.

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4,000 is a joke I have more clients than that so in theory I coulnt even print out the success of all my clients - where do these deveopers get there orders from ?? Shouldnt they should be checking what there customer have out there first before deploying such small goalposts??


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I am really saddened by developers utilizing this as a default. I think it should not be capped at all, much less to such a significantly low number. If its about performance, then they need to provide ADEQUATE spec requirements to be able to handle any opscenter activity. I do not think anyone is going to argue that querying a database for reporting metrics is going to require performance if you want it to be snappy.

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I think there are 2 ways to change the default of 4000

1. For chaning rows for export from UI

Edit install_path\OpsCenter\gui\webserver\webapps\opscenter\WEB-INF\web.xml

Changed the value from 4000 to some appropriate value .


Restart the Opscenter Web Services

2. Modify report.conf to change the row count for scheduled reports.