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OpsCenter drops connection to Masters

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Hi All,

Need suggestions on possible root causes:


Windows 2008 R2 Standard running OpsCenter Analytics v7.5.0.7

Running on a VM with 8 vCPUs and 32GB of RAM


The CPUs are almost all the time at 100%, caused by the  dbsrv11.exe process. At least, once or twice a week, we log in and find that all Master Servers (14) are disconnected, prompting us to restart OpsCenter.

Any suggestions?




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I used see droping connection in 7.5.0.x version, recently upgraded to version, OpsCenter works great. I don't see any disconnected Master eventhough I have 10+ Master Domain in one of my customer place. It's worth upgrading :)



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         Try increasing the heap space given to the Agent.

Increase the amount of heap memory that the OpsCenter Agent is allowed to use. 

On Windows OpsCenter Agent machines:

Edit the <install_path>\OpsCenter\Agent\bin\OpsCenterAgentService.xml file, changing the -Xmx1024M value to -Xmx4096M 

Example:  <CmdArg value="-Xms512M -Xmx4096M


Also check the other heap space values on the OpsCenter Agent Server and increase. This should help.


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I can confirm what VPATIL said, also had exactly the same problem until upgrade to 7.6. which solved the problem, with 26 masters. All other attempts at increasing cache, defrag, various parameters were completely unsuccessful.

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There are few key enhancement in Opscenter 7.6.Upgrade of Sybase ASA from 11 to 12 is one such enhancement.This lowerd the CPU and memory usage footprint.Other Key enhancement is optimization of the data collection process from NetBackup Master Servers to OpsCenter to reduce both initial and subsequent data collection resource requirements and times.

Upgrade to 7.6 should resolve this .



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Take opscenter database backup using dbbackup

then defrag your database using command dbdefrag

Once completed successfully again take new database backup.

Uninstall Opscenter and re-install to same version i.e.

Restore Database using dbabckup

INSTALL_PATH\OpsCenter\server\bin\dbbackup.bat <backupDir> -restore <restoreDir>

If still no success tune your server.conf settings

\Program Files\Symantec\OpsCenter\server\db\CONF\server.conf

-c 1G -cs -ch 2G -cl 1G