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OpsCenter in a Mixed NBU environment

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I have (1) NBU 7.0 Master and (15) MBU 6.5 Masters and deploying OpsCenter.  It works great with my 7.0 Master, but I now want to start adding the 6.5's in.  OpsCenter is installed in a separate server than my 7.0 Master.  The Admin Guide does not show an example of an enviroment like mine and am needing assistance.  So based on my environment do I install a single agent on one of my 6.5 Masters and it will collect for all of them, or do I need to install an agent on every single 6.5 Master?  Based on the documentation it is clear that I can't install the agent on the OpsServer as it is 7.0.  Anyone have any experience with this?  Thanks

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Employee Accredited Certified
Yes you need to install Agent on each NBU 6.x Master server in order to populate the data.
For NBU 7.0 you do not require to configure the agent.
Add the OpsCenter server on each NBU 6.x Master Server host properties....

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I am running OpsCenter against my 6.5.4 Master Server, and did not install the agent on the master.  Here's how

6.5.4 Installed on AIX Master Server

Windows Remote Admin Console installed on OpsCenter Server
(This system is listed in the SERVER list of the bp.conf on the master)

Agent configured locally, on the Windows OpsCenter machine
Agent OS Family is Windows.

Level 3
Excause me Symantec Employee but your wrong

Please turn to page 86 of your OpsCenter admin guides and read along

"OpsCenter Server and Agent are installed on OpsCenterHost 1, NetBackup 6.5
master server is installed on , and ProdHost 1 another NetBackup 6.5 master
server is installed on ProdHost 2.
You need to install NetBackup 6.5 Remote Admin Console or master server on
OpsCenterHost 1 and configure two data collectors, one to collect data from
ProdHost 1 and another to collect data from ProdHost 2."

Also search that doc for "remote agent" it'll tell you what you where asking MEM.
Basically you need to install an Agent somewhere, on that same box install Netbackup 6.5 Remote admin tools. Then point opscenter to it in the Agents tab.


Level 4
When we installed VBR initially, we installed the data collecting agent on the VBR server itself - that was it!
VBR 6.6 application was upgraded to OpsCenter, & this did not require us to install the agent on any of the NBU 6.5.2 masters.
(OPsCenter uses the NBSL daemon to collect the data from the NBU masters - even NBU 6.5.2 masters.

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You are correct . You can either install the agent on the opscenter server itself or on a remote master server . In case there are two master servers running the same version of netbackup ( eg  6.5.x ) no need to install agent on both the servers  .