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OpsCenter migration failed

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Source = W2K8 server running OpsCenter 8.1

Target= W2k16 server running OpsCenter 8.1 And a new hostname

Steps followed:

  1. Stopped services on source, backed up DB using dbbackup script
  2. Installed 8.1 on target
  3. Restored DB on target using dbbackup
  4. Rebooted
  5. All services are in a "running" state but whenever I try and access I get the following error in browser (as per screenshot)


  1. So im assuming there is some further config that needs to be ammended. The only different factor is that the target is on a new hostname, so was wondering if there is any .conf or db that needs to be updated with this info? If I can provide any logs or config please let me know! 




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I followed a slightly different approach as I didn't want to have an issue because of the name

  1. Installed new server / os with same name, and kept it out of the domain
  2. backup of opscenter db
  3. backup of the security profile / credentials folder
  4. restore of opscenter db
  5. restore of the security profile / credentials folder
  6. shutdown old server
  7. add new server to domain

Hope that helps

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I did pretty much the same as Riaan, except I didn't copy the additonal folders - I just did an OpsCenter upgrade to highest version on 2012 R2, then did a DB backup, shutdown old VM, build new VM on Win2016, same name same IP same domain, install same version of OpsCenter, restore DB, all ok.

Hmm ok, I will give it a go that way. Thanks!

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Hi bunsen82, Opscenter server has a config file ,db.conf that keeps the name of the Opscenter server . So if you recover the opscenter database , this file will be overwriten .So if the original server is ‘sourceopscenter’ , file will have opscenter server name as ‘sourceopscenter’ and if the new server name is ‘destinationserver, the restore will overwrite the server name from ‘destinationserver’ to ‘sourceopscenter . Please check the name of opscenter server in this file .

If we have wrong name here , opscenter server will not be able to access the database server , even though all the service are running .