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OpsCenter migration from 2003 to 2012 server will not connect to masters

Hi all,

   We've had to do some migration on our OpsCenter server and move it from a windows 2003 to a windows 2012 R2 server. We went about it this way with help from Symantec support.

  1. Install OpsCenter and Agent on 2012 server.
  2. Upgrade Server and Agent to
  3. Move 2012 database folder to a temp spot and make a new one.
  4. Backup database on 2003 server to a known good location.
  5. Copy database files over to the 2012 server in the new location.
  6. Run the upgrade script from up to (competed successfully)
  7. Start up OpsCenter and Agent.

None of the steps above created any errors and the db upgrade went fine. I logged into OC and noticed all the entries I expected to be there were there. Because the masters had not yet been harnessed by this box, all of them showed up disconnected. We then proceeded to change the bp.conf file to allow access to this box by the new OC.

To summarize, the masters are all running NetBackup and OC is at The masters are all running RHEL 5.10 or higher along the 5.x family.


To enable access by OC, we've changed entries in bp.conf add new OC box to SERVER = lines as well as the OPS_CENTER_SERVER_NAME. We've also tried long name and short name. We've also dumped the host case with bpclntcmd as well as removing the host_cache dir itself. Don't even get em started on how many times we've rebooted and restarted services. No matter what we do, we always get:  "The specified NetBackup Master Server could not be found. Make sure...". I'm at a loss for what could be wrong.

About the only breakthrough we've had (and by we I mean myself, Symantec support and backline) is that I was able to remove one of the smaller masters and add it back successfully. Once that happened, the server came to live in OC and It can be used now.

Any thoughts on this?