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OpsCenter report export discrepencies


I'm having very basic, but irritating issues with OpsCenter included with out NetBackup installation. OpsCenter is the free version.

I have daily reports of backups that succeed or fail. On a daily basis I export these and use them for reporting.

When I export, I like to do so via CSV as it allows me to remove the parent jobs that I cannot remove through the report configuration itself. However, when exporting to CSV, there seems to be a limit of 266 rows. As the report extends beyond 266 rows I end up losing a small amount of report data. When exporting to PDF I get all data, but can't edit it as I can with a CSV in Excel.

I initially assumed it would be an Excel issue, however the imported CSV shows the "report generated on" line on 266.

The same issue applies to XML exports.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue? If I could exclude the parent jobs this wouldn't even be an issue, which is possibly the most annoying aspect of this.



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Known limitation with exports, but 266 is lower then the default

Please refer to Technote: 


After OpsCenter upgrade, exports of Tabular Reports are still truncated at 4000 rows.

Article: TECH170334  |  Created: 2011-09-26  |  Updated: 2011-09-26  |  Article URL




After upgrading OpsCenter to, the setting of "maxTabularRows" parameter in web.xml (OpsCenter Webserver GUI config file) is required to be tuned.   

This config file is located at %INSTALL_PATH%\Symantec\OpsCenter\gui\webserver\webapps\opscenter\WEB-INF\ folder.

Edit web.xml file and locate the session of "maxTabularRows", as below -



Change the value "4000" (default setting) to an appropriate number, say, 10000, if the Tabular Report has less than 10,000 rows.


After the change is made, exit and save the edited web.xml file.  Stop and restart OpsCenter Server Service and OpsCenter Webserver Service.

Please note that the higher the setting, the more system resources will be consumed, which would cause some performance degradation.


If the report is still only exporting 266 rows, there maybe a filter on the report that is preventing all data from being reported. Please double check the report parameters by editing the report and confirming the FILTER options.


No change

Hi there Tom, 


I made the change from 4000 to 10000 in the web.xml file and restarted the services, but it has made no difference, I'm still only getting 266 rows.

I'm sure it's probably only missing 5-6 rows off of the end of the CSV file.


Do you have any further suggestions? I've gone through everything I could find regarding the report and my settings, but cannot see any filters that would limit the rows in the CSV (and allow the PDF to display everything).






I should probably add that the report displays 100% correctly in OpsCentre and on PDF. It is only CSV/XML data that is being cut off. 

Sorry to bump this, I'm no

Sorry to bump this, I'm no closer to an answer and after recreating the report, the same still happens.

I need to use these reports on a daily basis, so will have to raise a Symantec Support ticket if no one can help here.




Can you let us know what the

Can you let us know what the name of the report which you are using?

The report I've customised is

The report I've customised is Tabular Backup Report under Job Browser.


I hope this helps

i tried to generate same

i tried to generate same report and i got everything when i exported it. you should probably contact symantec on this.

Check the job end times and perhaps open a support case...

Since I cannot confirm nor recommend posting your results to this forum, I would suggest opening a case with support.

I have not run into a situation where exporting a csv of a report would differ from the pdf version of the exact same report.

Are you able to locate the differences?

Are there jobs running 24 / 7 ?

If you have jobs running 24 / 7, and the report is expected to execute the last 24 hours of data, could it be possible that in the past 24 hours when the csv was executed, would vary by a few jobs.


Example:  CSV was executed at 12:00 pm (local time)

                PDF was executed at 12:10 pm (local time)


The reports vary by 6 jobs because between 12:00pm and 12:10pm yesterday 6 jobs completed.

Therefore these 6 jobs were present on the 12pm report, but not on the 12:10 report.

Attempt exporting a report using absolute time.

2/7/2012 12:00 am ---> 2/8/2012 12:00 am    and export csv & pdf

Using absolute time the report should not vary.



Hi Tom,  Using absolute time

Hi Tom, 

Using absolute time makes no difference. In this daily report I am limited to 266 rows.

Interestingly, the same report of the past 48 hours generates both day's worth of rows, confirmed against the PDF. 

I've tried exporting earlier and later (10 mins - 3 hours) and the same can be seen each time. The PDF shows more results. 

If there's a way of disabling the view of parent jobs I am confident I will get all the data.
Is this possible in this report?


update also report.conf

Hi Jason

here what i have done in past for more or less the same issue.


Update :

C:\Program Files\Symantec\OpsCenter\server\config\report.conf

with line :


--> 20000 is what i have modified.

Unfortunately i could'nt find any Technote nor my email where it was suggested from symantec to update this file.


Is it related to free

Is it related to free version. is this issue, or just limitation?

i have licensed version and

i have licensed version and this was a limitation

Ramazan, Mine is currently


Mine is currently set to 4000 rows which is more than adequate for a report that should only generate 280 rows at a maximum.

I have changed 4000 to 10000 in another config file and it has made no difference.


The most important fact in this though, is that it *will* export more rows in other reports.

Is there a limitation on rows in one 24 hour period? That's the only thing I could think of.

Well I have the same issue

Well I have the same issue which i need to lookk on my site. As you mentioned when i export a CSV file then somehow this 4000 line limit hits BUT when i export the same via email then i'll get only 20000 lines which is specified in report.conf.

(i made a tabular backup report for last 24 hours, where i had 26'586 lines)

so i need to investigate also on my site..... 

Two files need to be modified to export more then 4000 rows


Here are the 2 files required to be modified to export reports exceeding 4000 rows...

First File: C:\Program Files\Symantec\OpsCenter\gui\webserver\webapps\opscenter\WEB-INF\web.xml
Search for :
Change to:
The second file : C:\Program Files\Symantec\OpsCenter\server\config\report.conf
Search for : 
Change to:
This will set both from 4,000 to 40,000

As for exporting via CSV, it appears CSV adds some additional formating to the file, which can add up to several extra lines of rows.
The number of rows, with actual report data, should remain the same.
Example (CSV Format) with extra rows... 
      Report Time Fram: Previous 2 WEEK
      Column Header ROW
      <row data>
      Report generated on Feb 23, 2012 00:00:00:AM
The information above was confirmed on 7103, I have not tested 7102