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OpsCenter report showing policy information

Level 2

Hi, I would like to create a SQL Query that displays policy information such as policy name, server name, window start time, window end time, whats being backed up, retention period, policy type and client os.  I would like it to be arranged by policy name.  I have been playing around a little but havent been able to get it to display all of this information.


Level 6


why do you want to write a sql query, this can be done from gui, let me know if you need steps to create from GUI

Level 4

AH45, I would like the steps...

:) The precanned reports do not offer much help. I have made some base line reports but nothing like the output from the /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bppllist command :(

Level 6

Do you need Windows start time / Windows end time or job start time / job end time ? And when you mention "whats being backed up" , do you mean the backup selection or the listof files actual got backed up ?



Level 4

From the OPs statement It sounds like he wans the "Window" of time the policy is allowed to run backups. When he says "what is being backed up" he means the "Backup Selection" as he wants to show the output from the policy itself, along with the client name, os type...etc...etc..

His statement seems to be focused soley on the policy itself.