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OpsCenter upgrade issues.

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We recently upgraded our Opscenter server running windows 2008 server to version After the upgrade it connected to all the master servers in our environment properly and was showing all the expected data. The next day it lost connectivity to several master servers 2 of which are 5230 appliances and others that are also running windows server 2008. I restarted opscenter using opsadmin.bat stop/start and everything returned to normal. After about 24 hours connectivity was lost again, this time to different NBU's. I rebooted the Opscenter server and everything came back online for about 12 hours until we lost connection to several master servers again. I do not see any specific application errors in the windows logs. Has anyone else experienced similar issues after upgrading? Is there a specific location I can look at for logs pertaining to Opscenter?


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It is likely you are experiencing the issue listed in our Late Breaking News...

(UPDATED) (ET 3584557)   OpsCenter is consuming a large quanity of memory.

In OpsCenter version the Symantec OpsCenter Server Service (java.exe) may consume large quantities of memory, causing the system to slow down.  This in turn may cause unnecessary fetch processes to master servers for jobs that are in a running state.

<<Fix Downloadable>> 
Once the fix is downloaded and installed, please let us know if that has resolved your issue.

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It might be losing connectivity during database purge. Look at the database purge log to find out how long it lasted and compare this with the last succesful data collection for the master that lost connectivity. This sometimes happens because purge locks the same database tables that are to be updated by data collection. If purge takes too long, an error is thrown.