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OpsCenter7.1 audit trail for NBU6.5.3

Level 3

I've recently upgraded our OpsCenter to v7.1.  One of the new features we are interested in this version is Audit Trail Report.


I have one master server running NB6.5.3.  While trying to enable the audit trail via "Manage>Host", the page shows "Master Server Audit Settings Not Found".


Is this feature not supported in NB6.5.3?


Level 6
Accredited Certified

Opscenter 7.1 admin guide page 492 states 



Note: OpsCenter monitors, reports , and manages audit trails for the NetBackup
master servers for the version 7.1 or later.
Hence , it has to be NBU Master server 7.1 for it to support .

Level 3

Thanks Symboy.

It looks some new features only apply to NB7.1. I found SLP report is only for v7.1 as well.

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Have just upgraded my clustered Master to 7.1 and the audit trails works somewhat well -