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OpsCentre System Requirements


Apolgies in advance as I'm sure there is a technote for this but I've hunted for sometime and looked at all the admin guides but can't seem to find a basic overview.

I need to confirm the system requirements for an OpsCentre Server.

We are running on a Windows 2008 R2 x64 server. (We will be upgrading to 7.6 shortly)

We will be introducing another master and I've confirmed that as a result we should have a dedicated box for OC.

We only have 350 servers in the environment but these do include a large number of SQL and Oracle dbs.  Total environment size is around 300TiB.  I wanted to confirm what sort of local disk sizes I should be looking at for the opscentre server.

I've also seen conflicting reports on the suitability of using a VM for this, can anyone speak to this, whether a physical server is much better or not.

Finally a recommendation on the memory and CPU, I know it states 8GB as minimum requirement but I'm assuming as always this will simply stop the server from falling over and not actually give a useable setup


thanks in advance for the help



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Hi AlexW365, have you tried

Hi AlexW365,

have you tried this document..

Hope this helps.