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Opscenter Drives Showing as Mixed

Hi, i have recently upgarded our Opscenter enviorment to, since the upgrade any Shared drives that have multiple paths are showing as Mixed. Master servers that dont have Shared drives are reporting correctly. 


on the main page when i click on the mix drives it says 0 drives are mixed. yet the main page states other wise. initialy i thought i may need to leave it running to update but it has been more than 24 hours and the staurs is still showing the same. 


any ideas how i can get it to update correctly. 





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Check your Data Collection Status

In OpsCenter, click on Settings -> configuration -> Data Collection Status.  "Device" and "Storage Unit" should show "Completed".  If not, that has to be corrected.  Try cycling the OpsCenter services and give it about 30 minutes to complete.  If that doesn't correct the issue, you may need to enable logging on the NBU master and the OpsCenter server to find the problem; contact Symantec to help get that set up.

If the Data Collection is working, you should be able to confirm the drive status in the NBU GUI.  If it is only OpsCenter reporting a problem, I'd suggest contacting Symantec to see if there is an EEB for that issue.