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Opscenter can log into gui but 'hanging'

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We've just installed 2 new netbackup environments each consisting of 1 master and 1 media server. All are on Windows 2008R2 x64 platforms and working well. We've also just installed Opscenter onto each media server.

Due to issues with security certificates I've modified the Program Files\Symantec\OpsCenter\gui\webserver\conf\web.xml file as detailed in the OpsCenter Admin guide (page 55 - disabling security certificate warnings and HTTPS redirection) so we can access it using HTTP.

I've restarted services using opsadmin stop / start and can now log into the console, but am unable to do anything, cannot change any settings or add a master server - just get the twirly circle eggtimer thing continually.

Any advice appreciated !



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we too had the same issue, GUI was hanging..

Actually our Opscenter database was corrupted, we replaced with old backup opscenter database, after that it start working fine, 


Hope this will help.



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Also try to use a different browser / Machine to eliminate any non OC issue .


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Please refer to page 110 

OpsCenter 7.5 Admin Guide...

  • Symantec recommends that the memory of the system where you install OpsCenter Server is 8 GB or more.
  • You can install the OpsCenter server on a NetBackup master or media server if you want to monitor only the master server in the configuration.
  • If NetBackup and the OpsCenter Server are installed on the same system, Symantec recommends that you run no more than 5000 NetBackup jobs daily. If the number of NetBackup jobs that run daily on the master server is more than 5000, Symantec recommends that you install OpsCenter server software on a separate standalone system. 

It is not recommended to install OpsCenter on a NetBackup or Media server... however, as long as the Master, Media and OpsCenter versions are all at the same level, I have seen this work correctly.

I also suggest, if possible, to move OpsCenter to a single stand-alone server, and montior both environments. If connectivity is not isolated between the two masters, why have 2 OpsCenter installations.

This way, if you use the OpsCenter alerting functionality, if the media server goes down for any reason, you  should actually receive the alert...since OpsCenter will be on a remote host.

It also will take away from system resources, and could effect backup performance on the media server.

With all that said, you should be able to log into the WebUI for OpsCenter, and click on settings / configuration.

Click on the NetBackup tab, and 'Add' each master server.

You may also want to check connectivity from a remote Web Browser...


Sometimes, running a Web Browser from the local server will cause issues, as group policy may effect java / java scripting.

If you have any questions, please let me know.





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Thanks for the suggestions guys smiley,

Well I've made some progress. Installed Firefox and that worked fine. Unfortunately this has to be a temporary fix as I don't think they'll allow us to keep it.

Therefore the issue has to be an IE setting, which is set by group policy. I'd incorrectly assumed that as i'd redirected HTTPS to HTTP and could log into the gui that the issue is opscenter related, such as connecting to the database or similar.

So Toms comment that "as group policy may effect java / java scripting" looks like it well be correct. I'll trawl through the admin guide to see what the settings should be (must have missed it when I looked before) and talk to the AD administrator tomorrow.



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I had extremely poor performance with OpsCenter before I adjusted the database cache.  I previously had it set to use 1GB of RAM for caching (default setting).  Our DB is 12GB and climbing.  I upped the cache to 8-10GB, and it eliminated the issue entirely.

You can adjust the database cache by following this tech note: