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Opscenter Oracle Report Issue

I'm working with Opscenter Analytics to generate automated reports on our backup failures and seem to have discovered an exclusion for Oracle backup policies when trying to generate a failed backups report.

I have a view with a group of servers primarily doing Oracle backups with oracle policies and when selecting the view and looking at the overview it shows the exist status summary with the successful, partially succesful and failed jobs count.  I can click on the failed jobs and get the table of all the failed jobs in the current time frame listed.

However, when I try to create a report on the failed jobs (Using the ALL Failed Backups template in the Backup>Status group), it completely ignores the oracle policies and will only show the backups with standard type policies. I can do some of the other job listing templates that will show all jobs and they are included there, but what I want is a report like I've done for the non oracle servers that gives me the details on the failed backups.  As far as I can see there isn't anything I can change to make the failed backups report include the failed oracle backups. I can probably take a full backup listing and pull out the oracle ones for a report, but I don't really want to do that on a daily basis.

Thanks for any suggestions or pointing me towards an undocumented configuration option that can fix this....

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OpsCenter or OpsCenter Analytics?


Are you running OpsCenter or OpsCenter Analytics?

Not that it should matter, but I maybe able to provide the steps on building a custom report.

In any should be able to create the report based off the All Failed Jobs template, however I wonder if we have a potential issue with template.

If this is a defect, I highly recommend opening a case, if possible, and we can review the report with you.




It is Opscenter Analytics

It is Opscenter Analytics

The All Failed Backups Template (under Report Templates>Backup>Status & Success Rate>Status) is the one that I'm using that does not show any of the oracle policy failed backups.


When i try to create a new custom report (without using an existing template), what options I have for job status are Status (Complete and Partial Only) and Status (Complete Only), but nothing to do a failed job status. 

I select Backup/Recovery as the Category, and Backup Job/Image as the Subcategory for a Tabular report.

I then select the view with the Oracle serrvers in it (and doing a previous 24 Hours timeframe)

Then I get to wwhere I can select the columns, I don't see anything under the Backup Job Attributes I can use to show failed jobs. 

If I use the All Failed Jobs template to create a new report, it still ignores the Oracle policy,