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Opscenter reports

We have a report configured in Opscenter that sends out everyday to report failed jobs.  For the most part it works quite well, however, recently we began using NBU for vmware and not instead of a specific server being listed as a failure, all that is reported is the media server.  Obviously this is not helpful as what we want to see is the individual VMs that might have failed for whatever reason.  Is there any way to modify to report to display the individual VMs that failed backup or is this a short coming of the report and I must instead rely on the activity monitor to see specific servers?  Thanks.

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which version OPS u are using

which version OPS u are using   I did also take to


I did also take to google and found this,


Is that all that is needed?



Smakovits, Yes, you can use


Yes, you can use the Virtual Client Summary Report, and I also recommend upgrading to OpsCenter 

As there was an issue resolved in for the following:

VMware clients are displaying client name as IP address in OpsCenter Virtual Client Summary report.

If you have any questions, please let us know.
--Tom x64 Opscenter x64 Opscenter download is currently broken or so it seems, file size mismatch


Was able to download the actual client code without issue, so not sure what would cause this.

Smakovits,  Please try again,


Please try again, if you haven't already...



Turns out the issue is with

Turns out the issue is with our proxy server.  the download worked fine from home so the proxy admns had to do something to makes it work.  I am now able to download.