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Opscenter shows Backup-Images that I can't see at Admin-Console

Level 2

Hi all together,

I have to create a report wich shows the amount of backups for each client. The report will be the basic for my billing.

Here is my report:

select Domain_JobImage.clientName,
sum  (Domain_Image.sizeOfImageInKBytes)/1024/1024/100+1 as "Gesamt in 100 GB"
from domain_Image, Domain_JobImage
where = Domain_JobImage.ImageId and Domain_image.masterServerId='20151573'  Group by Domain_JobImage.clientName order by Domain_JobImage.clientName

The report went fine.
But then I noticed, that the report lists a value for client arc-zv01. When I look for valid backups in the Administration console I found no backup for this client.

So I did a new report:

select Domain_JobImage.clientName, UTCBigintToUTCTime(Domain_Image.expirationTime), UTCBigintToUTCTime(Domain_Image.writeendTime), Domain_Image.unexpiredCopyCount, UTCBigintToUTCTime(Domain_Image.deletionTime),, Domain_image.isvalid
from domain_Image, Domain_JobImage
where = Domain_JobImage.ImageId and Domain_image.masterServerId='20151573' and Domain_JobImage.clientName = 'arc-zv01' and UTCBigintToUTCTime(Domain_Image.expirationTime) > GETDATE()

The result is a lot of images for client arc-zv01, that are not expired.

I'm really sure, that we have no more valid backups for client arc-zv01. I think we deleted them after we deleted the client.

Is it possible, that opscenter gets historical data?
What must I do to get the current amount of data for each client?
What does the result for Domain_image.isvalid tells me?

Any ideas?

Thanks, Wolfgang


Level 2

We solved the problem. We found the images at the catalogue. So, OPS-Center was right.