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Opscenter simple queries required

Hi Folks,

I need some sample Opscenter basic queries to pull out report for a client.. Pls help me.



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Try this, just change

Try this, just change '' with the correct one

clientName AS "Client",
policyName AS "Policy Name", AS "Schedule Type",
utcbiginttonomtime(startTime) AS "Start Time",
utcbiginttonomtime(endTime) AS "End Time",
DATEDIFF(mi, utcbiginttonomtime(StartTime), utcbiginttonomtime(EndTime)) AS "Duration (Min)",
filesBackedUp AS "File Count",
(bytesWritten/1024/1024/1024) AS "Size (GB)",
statuscode AS "Status Code"
FROM domain_jobArchive
JOIN lookup_ScheduleType
ON = domain_jobArchive.scheduleType
WHERE clientName = ''
DATEDIFF(day,UTCBigIntToNomTime(endTime), GETDATE()) <= 14

order by startTime DESC

Check this link for most

Check this link for most client related query report :

If what you are looking for isn't there, give us a clue of what report you are looking for. Thanks

Report on what? Please be

Report on what? Please be specific.