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Patching to current OpsCenter during Data Migration

Greetings! I've upgraded our VBR 6.6.2 server to OpsCenter 7.1 and have begun the long data migration process following the upgrade. We're about 98 hours deep with a 14GB database on the migration and I was wondering about applying the patch to OpsCenter Should I wait until the migration from VBR is complete to patch up to the latest Opscenter version?



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I would say yes, as the

I would say yes, as the migration of the database structure is being updated.

I am a bit concerned about the 98hours it has already taken to complete. it should have been done by now -

I had previously encountered the issue where the migration had reported a completion time of over 1000hrs.

As a precaution, you may want to do a full backup of your NEW opscenter database once the migration has completed before updating to new OCA version.