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Plan of Upgrade OpsCenter from to - view builder


I am starting to plan for our NBU upgrade to 7.6 etc and I need to upgrade OpsCenter first.

Our OpsCenter has viewbuilder installed but I dont think we are using it at present, The future maybe !

OpsCenter is currently living on a windows server 2008 x64 system and i have found  SORT and the installation guides suggest that view builder is not supported on this platform.

Can anyone shed any light on this matter.?

Is there an alternative to this ? Or do I have to migrate onto a different platform before I can upgrade. ?

Any advice welcomed.




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Hello Paul,   Are you sure

Hello Paul,


Are you sure it's not supportable?


I have the same environment here and the sort says it can be done.


Would you please double check it?




Paul, Confirming in the 7.x


Confirming in the 7.x OS Compatilibity Guide, it does show that the ViewBuilder product is no longer supported on Windows 2008 x64 starting at 7.6

pg. 74


I haven't had an issue that I am aware of in my lab... 

OpsCenter JVB - 7603 x64 Windows -