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Policy Success Summary - Daily Report

Level 1

I would like to create a daily report that shows in a summary if a policy was successful or not. That is, one column should be the policy and the other whether it was successful or not ( a success rate would also be OK ). One row per policy only, so it could be used as a quick daily check.

I have created a custom report with 'Policy Name' and 'Attempt Success Rate' but it doesnt work in the above way.

Some backup jobs have also one or two associated duplication jobs (as per their SLP). However, I haven't been able to create reports that show the associated jobs as one entity or grouped together. It seems that they are considered as independend jobs in reports. We'd like to know if a client backup along with all its asociated jobs was successful or not, without the need to manually associate the jobs. A success would mean that all associated jobs were succeesful.

The short report should reflect that. If a policy shows as succesful then it means that all policy jobs and associated (duplication) jobs were also succesful.

Thank you.