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Problem with OpsCenter report, amount of data backed

Level 2

Hello community!

I hope you are very well, I have a question, I need to generate an OpsCenter report which will throw me ALL the data backed up during the period of one month (example: 01/01/2020 - 01/31/2020). Any recommendation? I have tried with some templates that the OpsCenter, but I have not had much success, with the FileSystem I have no problems with the backed up data shown in the OpsCenter report facing the backed up data shown in the NetBackup console, but if I have problems to reflect the backed up data from databases and integrations of that type.

For example, in this test case, I used the OpsCenter "Jobs by Application" template, since it shows me the total data backup and also the amount of files backed up, is just what I need. In this case I used two clients in a limited date range (06-02-2020 00:00 AM - 06-02-2020 23:59 PM). In the Netbackup console I can see that the client "sqlssfftrx" (MS-Windows integration PRD-SQLSSFFTRX-FS) made a backup of approximately 45 GB, but in the OpsCenter report it shows me 43.01 GB. It should be noted that the number of files backed up coincides on both sides (1,185 files), but not the amount of data backed up. Why does this happen?

My biggest problem is when I see in the Netbackup console the Jobs of the client "" (SQL integration PRD-SQLSSFFTRX-SQL) launched several channels for each Database, in which it shows that it made a backup of 11 GB approx. per channel (even in some DBs it is a larger amount), but in the OpsCenter report it only shows me 11.34 GB, and even the amount of supported files does not match what the Netbackup console shows. What is this about? Maybe I am configuring and parameterizing the OpsCenter report incorrectly, although I used it with its default settings. Or maybe the template I'm using is not the one for what I need.

I attached some images where you can see the comparison of the OpsCenter Report v / s shown in the Netbackup console.

If you need more information please request it.

Sorry for my bad English, I am very grateful to be able to count on your help.

Diego Reyes Salazar
Backup Adm.