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Query OPSCenter


Good night,
I wonder if anyone can help me, I'm trying to create a query in OpsCenter so he can show me only the backups that have failed ...

Does anyone have a query these to pass me?

Thank you



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select as "Job ID",
domain_jobarchive.ClientName as "Client Name",
domain_jobarchive.PolicyName as "Policy Name",
UTCBigIntToNomTime(domain_jobarchive.StartTime) as "Start Time",
UTCBigIntToNomTime(domain_jobarchive.EndTime) as "End Time",
domain_jobarchive.StatusCode as "Status"
from domain_jobarchive
where domain_JobArchive.Type in (0)
and domain_jobarchive.statusCode not in (0)
and DATEDIFF(day,UTCBigIntToNomTime(domain_JobArchive.endTime), GETDATE()) <= 100