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Hi Team,

Please advise,is that ok to install the Opscenter in a single server 2003 and get all the backup status to the server that have a backup installed?

and what would be the requirement?

please advise:-(

i've found article about this:



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OpsCenter is compatible with Windows 2003 (x86 and x64)

I would highly recommend going with 64 bit for performance reasons.

In addition, it is NOT recommended to install OpsCenter on the same host as a NetBackup Master or Media Server.  

For more detailed information on installation and configuration, please refer to the OpsCenter 7.5 Admin Guide  -

If you have any questions, please let me know.




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Opscenter is a monitoring tool. Single server is enough for Opscenter working.

Please refer to  page number 87 from Adminguide(Opscenter 7.1) for compatability list.

If the data collected by the opscenter is very crtical,you have got a provison for taking backup of the opscenter Db and Restoration in case of any issue.

Please refer to below Article.


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As per tom comment, it is highly recommented to use a opscenter as a seperate server.

I mentioned " Single server is enough for Opscenter working"  doesnt means the same master and media server.

It is highly recommended to use a seperate server for opsceneter,since opsceneter scope is wide.

In our environment that master and media are HP unix and opsceneter is win 2008 64 bit. Good Perfromance.

Thanks tom.