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Regarding Ops Center

Level 1

Hello all, 

I am using the Netbackup Ops Center for genrating reports. I have a Vault profile that is basically Duplicating the 

I basically need the following in the excel sheet:

1)media ids that is used for the Duplication

2) backup ids that has been Duplicated

3) Data size that has been Duplicated 

4) and the above ones respective to the policy names under the Vault profile.


Can some one please help me on this. I guess no in build report formats present so probably need to write a sql code. I am not sure about the sql code.



I will review if there is really an option in OpsCenter to get this data. 

But I would prefer the Netbackup Valut Reports which can give you the details that you are looking for.

Please Login to your NetBackup Console and check if you can find the reports you need

NBU Console => NetBackup Management => Vault Reports => Media Going Off-site