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Rename .csv output of a report

Good morning!

I have a report that is emailed to me daily (it's a .csv file of the jobs from the last 24 hours). The .csv filename is really really long, and I wanted to shorten it and make it simple. I know I have stumbled across this once (and I wished I had changed it then!) but now I can't find it... where would I change the name of that output file?

Thanks in advance Smiley Happy


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I don't think you can make it

I don't think you can make it shorter, not the filename - but didn't really bother me, because I can save it (by using export method) and put in the filename I want. I checked the "schedules" & "Report Export Location" (in setting) but there is nothing about changing report filename.

Yeah, agree with watsons. I

Yeah, agree with watsons. I don't see any option to rename the report. The OpsCenter reports are generating as per the following naming convention: OpsCenter_<Report that you've created>_Date_Time.CSV.


You may need to save your exising report to a short file name and enable the schedule for the new file.