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Report for Storage Usage / Image Size


i need a Report that shows me the size used by a client divided by storage unit.

We have 2 appliances as puredisk, 4 mediaserver with 3tb advanced disk pool each, 2 tape libraries, 2 disk storage systems (HP Store once)

i need the size of all images (uncompressed, not deduplicated etc, raw size) for my clients on each of the systems.

it would be used for billing. 

and this for every client as a table view (export as csv) so we can match this with the clients list for the customers.

i hve a report but dont know if it is the correct way for my intention.

select LOWER(SUBSTRING(domain_imagecopy.imageid, 1, 8)) as 'Clientname', sum(domain_imagecopy.sizeinbytes)/1024/1000/1000 as "Image in GB",

from domain_imagecopy, lookup_storageunittype

and domain_imagecopy.storageunittype =

group by LOWER(SUBSTRING(domain_imagecopy.imageid, 1, 8)) , order by LOWER(SUBSTRING(domain_imagecopy.imageid, 1, 8))


Thanks in advance