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Report last month betwwen 10 AM and 8 PM

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Hi , 

i want to repport all bacup for the last month bettween 10 AM and 8 PM.
the repport must start the first day of the previous month at 22 AM and stop the first day of this mont at 8 PM

i have start to write the query :


select UTCBigIntToNomTime(StartTime) as day 
from domain_JobArchive 
WHERE (DATEPART(hh,DATEFORMAT(cast(UTCBigintToNOMTime(domain_JobArchive.startTime) as DATETIME), 'yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss')) = 22 
		AND DATEPART(dd,DATEFORMAT(cast(UTCBigintToNOMTime(domain_JobArchive.startTime) as DATETIME), 'yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss')) = 01 
		AND DATEPART(mm,DATEFORMAT(cast(UTCBigintToNOMTime(domain_JobArchive.startTime) as DATETIME), 'yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss')) = DATEPART(mm,DATEFORMAT(cast(getdate() as DATETIME), 'yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss'))-1)
order by day 

but if i am on januray , that's not OK .

Anny idea ? 

best regards , 



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Which version of NetBackup are you using?

Here are the links to Symantec OpsCenter 7.5 Reporting Guide and Symantec NetBackup OpsCenter 7.6 Reporting Guide These guides list the various reports that can be run using the OpsCenter. 

Let us know if it helps.

Level 5
Employee Accredited Certified

Any update on this yet?