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Report on all data backed up by policies

Level 5

Good Afternoon all,

I have been asked to report on all data backed up via policies an a per policy basis. We have OpsCenter in our environment. I have found a template that does the top 10 policies I want to change this to include all policies. This is the query from the template

select TOP 10 START AT 1 sum (domain_JobArchive.bytesWritten) as "domain_JobArchive.bytesWritten",domain_Policy.entityId as "domain_Policy.entityId" from domain_JobArchive , domain_Policy where domain_Policy.masterServerId = domain_JobArchive.masterServerId and = domain_JobArchive.policyName and domain_Policy.policyDomainName = domain_JobArchive.policyDomainName and domain_Policy.versionNo = domain_JobArchive.policyVersionNo and ( (isEmptyString(domain_JobArchive.policyName) = '0') ) AND ( ( (domain_JobArchive.endTime BETWEEN '138497164478770000' AND '138509260478770000') ) AND ( (domain_JobArchive.type IN (0, 1, 6, 7 )) ) AND ( ( (domain_JobArchive.masterServerId IN (696823,809793 )) ) ) ) GROUP BY "domain_Policy.entityId" ORDER BY "domain_JobArchive.bytesWritten" DESC , "domain_Policy"."entityId" ASC

I tried to change the "TOP 10" to "ALL" but it did not like that. I am well out of my comfort zone here any help or guidance greatly appreciated.


Level 5

Looking embarrassed  :( Ignore that I have found how to alter the template.