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Restore Report - VADP Client names

OpsCenter 7.1 (Windows)

NBU (Solaris)

Hi all,

I'm trying to run a restore report for all of our VMs which are backed up via VADP.

When running the restore report it will only list the recovery host (media server) as the client and not the actual name of the VM.

Does anyone know a way around this where I can get the actual client name?


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I have the same issue. My

I have the same issue. My whole environment is virtual and therefore I cannot do a meaningful restore report at all.

This seems like a big oversight from Symantec.

Can anyone test on NBU 7.5 please?

Anyone? Symantec employees?

Anyone? Symantec employees?

Here is a basic one based on

Here is a basic one based on any archive job, but Im sure you will want to define the columns a bit more:

SELECT * FROM domain_JobArchive WHERE type = '2'


If you need anything else in the report let me know and I can see what I can do.

old mate, First, Upgrade

old mate,

First, Upgrade OpsCenter to - as the OpsCenter host must me at or higher then the NBU host.

Secondly, it will depending on the report you are running.

If you have created a custom report / tabular - add the job directory column... this should tell you the information you are looking for.

Or, if you can provide details of what you are specifically looking for in the report, perhaps I can see if there is something canned, or custom I can offer.




Hi guys,  Thanks for your

Hi guys, 

Thanks for your assistance.

Unfortunately, neither of the suggestions resulted in obtaining the names of individual VMs which have been restored. 

Tom - I have upgraded to and added the Job Directory column into a customised restore report. Within the Job Directory column only a / is displayed (No VM name).

Miles - With that SQL query, the Client name displays the recovery host (media server), not the VM that has been restored.

Basically looking for a restore report with the following info.

Master Server

Client Name

Job Start Time

Job End Time

Job size (MB)

Job Status Code

Exit Status




I have one other possibility

I have one other possibility but I havent been able to test this code much.


SELECT * FROM domain_Job WHERE id IN (SELECT id FROM domain_JobArchive WHERE type = '2')


Let me know if that looks somewhat correct...