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SLP reporting help

Level 2

As a newbie I could use some help.  I am trying to find/create a report that will show me the SLP name and what it has for; Operation, window, storage, retention period & target master as well as what policies it is associated with.  I am using OpsCenter 

Any help would be appreciated.



Level 6

"Manage" -> "Storage" -> "Storage LifeCycle Policy" in the right pane, 3rd tab.

Took me a while to find that because we are so used to think policy should be policy, but SLP is actually storage-based policy wink

Ah.. unfortunately, I can't find it in report if you are thinking about producing a printable table - that will have to be extracted from master server.

Level 2

Thanks!  I was looking for a printable report.  Seems like if you want reports like this that Symantec does provide them without being a SQL expert.  Too bad:(