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Sizing Report

I have been working on a sizing report for a DeDup disk appliance purchase. I have created a report that I thought might help someone else out. This is a report to see the size of all full backups in the last week. It also lists the policy type's:


SELECT dj.clientName AS 'Client', dj.policyName AS 'Policy', dj.bytesWritten AS 'Size', utcBigIntToNomTime(dj.startTime) AS 'Start Time', AS 'Policy Type'
FROM domain_job dj
INNER JOIN lookup_BackupType bt
ON dj.backupType =
INNER JOIN lookup_ScheduleType st
ON dj.scheduleType =
INNER JOIN lookup_PolicyType pt
ON dj.policyType =
WHERE = 'Scheduled' AND = 'Full' AND dj.statusCode = 0 AND dj.bytesWritten > 0 AND utcBigIntToNomTime(dj.startTime) > GETDATE() - 7
ORDER BY, dj.policyName, utcBigIntToNomTime(dj.startTime)
Hope this help's someone!
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Thanks, Miles. I've been

Thanks, Miles. I've been searching for other custom reports and your posts have been very helpful!


Glad they helped!

Glad they helped!

Good job Miles... I know a

Good job Miles... I know a customer who is looking for something very similar to this!