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Success Report via Policy

Level 3

I need to create a report that shows success rate\number of failures by policy. So on one policy I have 115 clients and need a report that shows me number of failures and percentage complet\failed by date.

As an example I have 7 backup policies ranging from 1 client to 117. The report needs to show just the plocies and number of successful or number of failures each day. Our management are not interested is what is failing they just want to see numbers.

We already have report that shows all clients failures and their error code that is generated each morning and sent to our team which we resolve and log an incedent to the client.



Level 4


Goto Reports>My Reports>Create New Report>Create Custom Report>select the catagery and sub catagery specify the report view type in which type you want to see the report out put>Select the date ranges and frequency then select master server and policy name = then select the policy, then specify the chat properties from here you can select the required fields like success report or size or count..etc, select all the required properties from X, Y axis then click next and save the report

Naveen Sunkari