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Good afternoon,

I tentnado make a sql report and would like to know the table name that is registered backup jobs that have failed, does anyone know?


Tanks !

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Do you mean you need the

Do you mean you need the database schema (with details of tables and data structures in it) ?

It's available from your OpsCenter GUI - go to "Report"  -> "Create New Report" -> "SQL Query" , there is a link there to download "refer to the OpsCenter Database Schema Document". If you don't see that, you need a "OpsCenter Analytics" license key.

Vitor,  Watson is correct...


Watson is correct... you will need an analytics license to create custom sql reports.

However, if you have one... then I believe you maybe looking for the following table / tables

  • domain_job
  • or....
  • domain_jobarchive

If you have any other questions, please let me know.