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Tape Drive Utilization in Opscenter

Level 3


Tape drive utilization report has changed since the days of VBR.

Current Drawbacks in Tape Drive Utilization Report present in Opscenter till the most current version

1. Report is a heatmap report cannot be exported to excel.

2. Report is per media server rather than an overall report. For example : 24 drives in a single tape library,

Requirement :  how many hours and at what time of the day are the drives heavily utilised ? Should more drives be added to a library ? Can backups start at a different time of the day depending on Utilization ?

3. In VBR we could get this value in Percentage format. This is not avaiable in Opscenter. Example: drive utilization is 95 % between 10 pm to 1 am then drops .

For an environment polling 3 NetBackup Domains containing more than 250 tape drives even the heatmap report takes forever to show up.

A simple percentage for drive utilization can help in capacity planning.

If anyone there is using any SQL scripts to get the above information in Opscenter Analytics, can you pls share. Is there any workaround with custom reports you are having sucess with.