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Understanding how OpsCenter 7.6 Server and Agent work together?

Just trying to get some understanding of how the OpsCenter Server/Agent work together with my NetBackUp server.

Do I need to install the agent on the NBU server, or does the Agent also need to be installed on my OpsCenter server?

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You can learn basics of Oc

You can learn basics of Oc Agent form the link listed below.You can install Opscenter agent independent of OC server .It can be on OC server itself , or on Netbackup server.

Note the following points about installing an OpsCenter Agent:

- Only one OpsCenter Agent can be installed on any host.
- A single Agent can be configured for multiple data collectors which collect data from the respective product hosts.
- Agent for NetBackup needs binaries of either RAC (Remote Admin Console) or master or media server, installed local to the Agent. The version of RAC or master or media server binaries installed on the Agent host should match the version of the NetBackup master server it intends to monitor.


For more details you may refer to 'About planning an OpsCenter Agent deployment' section  (PG 90) Of Symantec NetBackup OpsCenter Administrator's Guide

About the OpsCenter Agent


Symantec NetBackup OpsCenter 7.6 Administrator's Guide




Here is the link for

Here is the link for Opscenter Agent for 7.6

About OpsCenter Agent deployment





So I've installed the

So I've installed the OpsCenter Agent on my MBU Master Server but my OpsCenter server can't access any of the agent data because the NBU server is claiming that the OpsCenter server isn't listed in the bp.conf file. 

However, my NBU Master Server is running on Windows Server 2012, not a Linux/Unix OS that would have the bp.conf file.

How do I add servers to the Windows equivalent of the bp.conf file?


Opscenter agent is required

Opscenter agent is required fro few specific reports, for what report are you configuring OC agent ? Did you create agent in Opscenter ? Is your Opscenter server connected and collecting data from Master server ? To configure Opscenter in master server you can run nbregopsc command .


For more details on creating/managing Opscenter agent please refer to About managing OpsCenter Agents (pg 307)  section in Opscenter Admin guide.