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Updated Hardware Refresh steps for OpsCenter (specifically 8.0)

Level 6

Ok, I just managed to accomplish a Hardware Refresh for OpsCenter 8.0.

Most of the steps are the same as previous but there is one new step if you're also renaming the machine it's on.

1) Install OpsCenter on the new machine

2) Install any license keys (if using Analytics)

3) Use DBBackup script on old server to back up the database as described in the Admin Manual

4) Stop the services on the old machine

5) Copy backup dir to new machine

6) Use DBBackup script to restore database as described in the Admin Manual

7) Copy the Authorization Configuration to the new machine if using Veritas Authentication (we were using Active Dir so I didn't need to do this step)

8) NEW Steps if new name:

8a) Open the file <install dir>\server\config\db.conf

8b) Locate the line db.serviceName=

8c) Change the machine name part of that to the new name.  All Caps!

8d) Save and exit

9) Reboot the box so that all the services are tested

10) Confirm OpsCenter works by using the entry in the Start Menu (our URL changed to a different port # due to existing IIS on that box)

11) Uninstall OpsCenter from original machine using SETUP.EXE from the install media so you can select option to delete all files (uninstall from add/remove programs may not give that option)

12) Close out any paperwork and notify your users of the new URL