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Upgrading VBR To Ops Center


This Technote i find very Useful for upgrading VBR To OpsCenter 7.1 , so i am sharing it

  • First stage in which VBR metadata and backup data is migrated from VBR to the OpsCenter database.

    The VBR metadata comprises of data related to alert policies, users, domains, views, SMTP server, and data purge settings etc. The backup data consists of entities like policy, media, devices etc. For entities like jobs, media history, scheduled jobs, and images, data for the last 30 days is migrated in this stage.

  • Second stage in which Symantec Enterprise Vault archive data and report data is migrated.

  • Third stage in which backup data older than 30 days (for NetBackup, Backup Exec, PureDisk, TSM, EMC NetWorker) is migrated from VBR to OpsCenter for each master server.