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Using OpsCenter/Analytics to show backup times

Level 4


Does anyone know how to use Ops Center/Analytics to create a report that will show what time the first backup starts and what time the last backup finishes?  It seems it should be a modification of the backup window report but looking for any input.


Thank you.


Level 6

"First" and "last" are arbitrary terms, as far as OpsCenter is concerned.  The Backup Window report isn't as customizable as I would expect.  I think you may have to create a custom report and adjust your "Time Basis" on the second screen, where you specify the Date range, and then set some filters for what you want.  I don't see any way to only report the first & last; you can probably only get a list of all backups that occurred during a particular timeframe.

A custom SQL script might be the only option to get just what you want.

Level 4

Thanks.  I did end up creating a custom report and then I chose Backup Start time and Backup End time and then used the Views that I created in the view builder to sort.  But then chose Minimum and Maximum for the filters for the start and end times and that's gotten me pretty close to report on when backups start and finish based off our different offices.  Thanks for the reply.